Creating Festive Packaging for Your Product

The packaging of a product can create a lovely unboxing experience and it is a very important factor to think about when it comes to branding and marketing. Even if you have a certain packaging type confirmed for your product, you can create a bit more interest in the product by changing up the packing now and then to celebrate popular holidays.

Christmas is a very popular holiday and people are scrambling to find the perfect present for their loved ones. You can create more interest in your product and set it apart from competing brands by creating packaging that is relevant to the holiday. A benefit of this to the customer is that they may not even have to wrap the present if it is packaged in a way that gives a clear indication about the holiday. You have to consider the demographic of your customers when creating Christmas packaging or any other festive packing. Sometimes your customer base may not celebrate Christmas so you have to think about other holiday opportunities. For example, you can capitalise on Halloween or thanksgiving. The geographic location of your customers will also give you a hint. You have to be spot on when it comes to creating festive packaging for your audience.

Think about the majority of customers in your audience. For example, you can use national colours if there are many veterans purchasing your products and you can use this to create unique packing on veterans’ day. You may not be able to cater to all the customers in your audience so think about the majority demographic. Festive packaging will give you free advertising as the customers will not use any extra gift wrapping with it. It is economical for them as well because they don’t need to purchase additional wrapping materials. You don’t need to stick to the same festive packaging design every year. Changing it up now and then will give a pleasant surprise to your customers and they will await the new designs each year with anticipation. A good place to look for ideas on festive packaging is considering the current trends. For example if you are in the food industry, you can make use of national days dedicated to that particular food to create unique designs.

You don’t have to think of complicated ideas for packaging. For example, if you have a certain pattern in company colours on the packaging, you can simply change the colours to fit the holiday. So you can use green and reds to replace the existing colours if you are creating packaging for Christmas. Try not to go very specific with your festive packing by mentioning dates. If you want to create packaging for the New Year, avoid putting the year on it. You can reuse excess packaging in the next year and this will bring down packaging costs considerably. Custom packaging is an investment and using this strategy will help you stick to a more affordable budget. And you can hype the packaging using social media so that more people see it and it snowballs into great publicity for your brand.