The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Modular Buildings

If you asked for opinions on modular buildings, you are likely to come acrossplenty of positive responses. Whether in the education sector or the corporate world, portable, modular buildings are widely used in different circumstances. Here is a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about modular buildings and the answers. This should help clear your doubts, if you have any.

How Are they Delivered to the Site?

Modular buildings that are built in factories are usually delivered to the site on wagons. They are then lifted and placed in position using a crane. Ideally, the company will do a location check to determine how easy or difficult it could be to get to the building to the location.

What About Quality?

A modular building is just as good as permanent buildings in every aspect. They are made from high quality material keeping various essential aspects including safety, in mind. Materials and the finished project need to be strictly approved and certifiedfor meeting quality standards.

How Flexible is a Modular Building?

One of the best things about modular buildings in fact, is flexibility as well as convenience. They are easy to assemble and dissemble whenever there is a requirement to change locations. Once assembled at the new location, they are ready to be occupied immediately.

Are There Minimum/Maximum Periods of Hire?

Most companies do not really lay out conditions when it comes to duration of hire. However, you might come across some who will recommend a minimum period so they can offer you decent, reasonable rates. If you wish, you could find modular buildings for sale in Melbourne, if you’d like to purchase one instead of opting for longer periods of hire.

Do I Need Permissions?

The requirement for permissions mostly depends on the regulations of your particular country and region. Additional factors such as the size of your building are important to decide whether the building will require permissions and approvals.

How Durable are They?

Modular buildings are made to last for as long as 30 years, taking into consideration the quality of material and the construction job. Nevertheless, how well the building is maintained and how frequently it is being used, by whom, are all strong determinants of how long a building will last.

How Long Does the Construction Process Take?

The duration a company will need to complete a project depends on a number of factors such as availability of material and the number of builders they have, as well as their efficiency levels. Generally, however, it might take up-to a month and a half to two to complete a project successfully.

Are They Relatively Cheaper?

Compared to permanent buildings, modular constructions are a lot cheaper. Again, the reasons for this are many, one being the fact that there is less intense work or labour involved in the construction of a modular building.

Is There a Size Limit?

Generally, there are no limits set when it comes to choosing the size of your building. However, some companies may offer you limited options for specific reasons. Make sure you get these aspects clarified with your contractor/constructor before they can proceed with the project.