Myths About Real Estate Agents that Need to Be Debunked

Concerning real estate agents, there area lot of widespread misunderstandings floating around in the public consciousness. Typically, along the themes that you shouldn't put your confidence in agents and that they are just interested in taking your money. But before you blindly believe everything you hear; it is in your best interest to dig into the facts.

Agents in Australia came under the microscope in a recent assessment that was based on the evaluations of 300 different vendors. According to the findings of the survey, the vast majority of sellers perceive real estate brokers such as property west realty Melton to be hard-working specialists who often go the additional mile to make the sale process less stressful and do their best to negotiate the greatest possible price for the property. It is our pleasure, then, to dispel some of the most widespread misunderstandings about real estate brokers and to provide sellers with a more accurate view of the industry.

Myth 1- They are always late- It is in a realtor's best interest to keep their appointments on time, even if there is unexpected traffic that prevents them from doing so. Being on time is of the utmost importance for successful real estate agents, particularly when they are scheduled to attend many consecutive open houses or inspections. The waiting area at the doctor's office or the dentist's office will keep you occupied for a longer period than an estate agent would.

Myth 3: In order to make a sale, real estate agents withhold facts regarding the properties they list- Before selling a house, real estate agents have a legal obligation to prospective purchasers to disclose any problems with the property. Should they fail to do so, they run the possibility of being taken to court, having to pay penalties, and of having their professional licence revoked. When it comes to real estate, an experienced agent understands the regulations inside and out, and they won't do anything to hamper a transaction (or their image) by keeping facts hidden.

Myth 4: Every real estate agent makes an excessive amount of money- Because the majority of real estate brokers make far less money than the individuals whose houses they are selling, many of them would laugh heartily at this statement. Because an agent's only source of income is commission, even if the market is booming and the agent is making a lot of money, they must still put some money away in case of an emergency. When the economy is in a state of withdrawal, it may be just getting by.

Myth 6: Real estate brokers will lie to close a deal - Because real estate brokers rely so heavily on referrals from satisfied customers, it is very improbable that they would cheat, deceive, or put their name in jeopardy. It is also illegal, given Australia has stringent regulations in place regarding real estate agents' codes of conduct and the real estate industry as a whole. Because they like being suggested to other people, most agents make it a point, to be honest, and upfront with their customers.